“Life is defined by risk; those you take and those you don’t. The ball is gonna drain no matter what, so find what you want and take a shot.”

– Roger Sharpe

Like many kids who grew up in the 70’s a lot of spare time and coins were spent playing pinball. Back then you could find a pinball machine just about anywhere like laundromats, bowling alleys, corner stores, fish & chip shops, arcades and movie theatres. 20c was the going price and hanging out with friends around a pinball machine was just the best fun. 

Pinball has become my hobby, I now collect and restore 70’s pinball machines and really enjoy bringing them back to their former glory. My collection is constantly changing due to space limits but I do move them on from time to time making room for new projects.

I have taught myself how to repair and restore these beauties which provides a lot of self-satisfaction, and the excitement when turning one on after a full rebuild is just the best. For a number of years now I have been restoring pinball machines for Luna Park in Sydney, Lloyds Auctions and a few private collectors which keeps me very busy.

I enjoy both playing pinball and repairing / restoring them probably as much as each other, the sounds, smells and artwork take me back to my teens everytime, and I just love pumping some 70’s tunes when playing pinball to complete the experience.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website and if it hasn’t already you might just get the spark to re visit those younger days and enjoy an amazing hobby embraced by many worldwide.

Cheers Brettski


Retrofun Amusements Pinball machine Restoration and Repairs Gold Coast Australia
 1975 Gottlieb Abra Ca Dabra
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