Getting Started

The Basics: Each pinball game typically consists of three or five balls, essentially making up your turns. Players use the buttons on each side of the machine to control flippers and direct the ball through the various parts of the machine.

Multi-Player Games: If you insert four coins into one machine, then push the Start button four times, four people can play at once. Each player plays one ball, then lets the next player play their ball until all players have played all balls.

Strategy: Each table has a strategy to learn in order to improve your score. Whether the goal is to spell something out by hitting all of the bumpers or consistently hitting the same door over and over again, learning the strategy for each machine will really up your game.

Tricks: There are several tricks to play better pinball such as live catch, drop catch, stall catch, dead flip, rolling pass, post pass, and bounce pass.

Control the Ball: Only use one flipper at a time. When you try to use both flippers, you’re more likely to miss the ball. Instead, look at the direction the ball is coming and only use the closest flipper.

Start Simple: Focus on keeping the ball in play rather than going for complex targets or combinations.

Watch and Learn: Observing experienced players can provide valuable insights into strategies and techniques.

Stay Calm: Pinball can be fast-paced, but staying calm helps in making better decisions and reactions.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you play, the better you’ll get. Hope you have learned someting in our Pinball Playing Tips. Happy pinballing! 😊