1975 Gottlieb El Dorado Restoration

El Dorado arrived in quite a sad state, it had been bought by someone in Perth  from an online auction and when it arrived at the persons house and they opened the truck door it was in pieces. The machine had been transported incorectly, it was loaded onto the truck assembled which is a big mistake. It was obviously returned and the auction company contacted me to see if it could be repaired. The machine was in a bad way before it’s accident as you can see by the rust on the coin door and it’s basic overall condition, it really was a basket case but with potential.

I was not asked to completely restore it, they just wanted it to look good and operate so no internals were cleaned up other than switches and relays etc to get it working right. All rust was removed and coin door and legs repainted using silver hammertone. Head was rebuilt and cabinet repaired then repainted and stencils created to complete the artwork. Stainless steel rails and lock bar polished also playfield and apron were detailed. A backglass replacement was sourced and fitted and all new light bulbs and rubbers installed. Below are a few pics of it at different stages.