Pinball is Fun

Pinball, that magical game of flashing lights, pop bumpers, and chaotically careening balls, offers more than mere entertainment. Let’s explore its surprising upsides:

A pinball machine engages your mind with sensory input—flashing lights, game narration, and intricate scenarios. It’s mentally stimulating for players of all ages, from young minds developing cognitive skills to seniors enjoying a nostalgic rush.


  • Pinball is fun
  • Pinball promotes positive behaviour
  • Turn taking and sportsmanship
  • Encourages goal setting and strategy shifting
  • Increases tolerance thresholds
  • Improves coping strategies
  • Builds confidence
  • Improves social interaction


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Its Magical

Pinball machine artwork is vibrant and colourful


Social Interaction

Competing is fun


Fun for All Ages

Has many benefits for autistic kids