1976 Gottlieb Target Alpha

Target Alpha is a popular title, it has the same playfield layout as Solar City and El Dorado, the difference is the artwork and it is a 4 player game.

I decided when planning this resto to customise it and pimp it up a bit. There are obvious differences and some subtle, the main one being the cabinet colour change in the artwork. The original artwork was yellow and black but I changed it to pink and black to blend better with the rest of the artwork in the playfield and backglass. Also some custom paintwork on the steel rails, lockdown bar and legs, an anodized deep purple with a number of clear coats to really deepen it.

It was quite a job, clear mylar was removed from the playfield then highly detailed. everything was cleaned polished and refitted. Subtle features such as purple flipper rubbers and purple washers on the leg bolts all came together to make this baby sparkle. You will also notice the tilt board painted pink with a decal on it and custom instruction cards. It might not be everyones cup of tea but I am happy with it.