Are You A Pinball Wizard?

This quiz will determine your Pinball Wizard status.

1. Game Features: What is the term used that appears on the backglass when a machine is abrubtly knocked or shaken too much?


2. Pop Culture Influence: Which classic song features the line “That deaf, dumb, and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball”?


3. High Score Challenge: What’s the highest possible score achievable in a standard pinball game?


4. Manufacturing: Which company produced the System 1 line up of games?


5. Flippers’ Invention: Who invented the first flipper on a pinball machine, which revolutionised gameplay?


6. Pinball Mayhem: In pinball, what’s the term for activating multiple balls simultaneously during gameplay?


7. Gameplay: Which game has the longest shot from flipper to the drop target?


8. Manufacturing: Which system 1 game featured only one score display?


9. Manufacturing: Which pinball machine was the first to use LCD screens in the backbox?


10. Pop Culture Influence: Who played the part of Tommy in the Rock Opera by the Who?


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