Advanced Pinball Playing Techniques

Once you are familiar with pinball and feel like advancing your skills you can start by practicing some of the techniques listed here. The video below shows some of these skills and how they are performed.




Try Practicing The Following Tricks

 Live Catch: This is used when the ball is coming towards a flipper at a high speed. The player lifts the flipper the ball is heading to, right before it hits it. This sends the ball up the in-lane, slowing it down and allowing it to roll back down to the flipper while it is still in the up position.

Drop Catch: This is the opposite of the live catch technique. The player allows the ball to roll towards the flipper. As the flipper is upright, the player releases the flipper right before the ball hits it. This slows the motion of the ball immediately, since it hits a dead flipper.

Stall Catch: This is very similar to a live catch except you do not send it back up the inlane.

Dead Flip: This technique involves letting the ball bounce off a flipper that is at rest, which can often send the ball to the other flipper.

Rolling Pass: This is a method of transferring the ball from one flipper to the other by allowing the ball to roll off the end of a raised flipper.

Post Pass: This technique involves hitting the ball against the post between the flippers to transfer it from one flipper to the other.

Bounce Pass: This is a method of choosing which flipper you want to hit the ball. The concept is to allow the ball to simply bounce off of the undesired flipper unto the desired one when the ball is rolling toward the center of the undesired flipper at a moderate rate.

Remember, these Advanced Pinball Playing Techniques require practice to master. You can search youtube and find examples of these techniques which will visually explain it better.

Happy Flipping! 😊