2024 Restoration Lineup

This is a list of my current pinball projects, the most recent to be worked on was Close Encounters which I have the playfield ready but needs the cabinet repaired and repainted which I will return to later in the year. It has been slow year due to moving house and dealing with an injured arm but all coming good and ready to get stuck into Charlies Angels. I will link to pictures etc as I go.


Charlies Angels EM Restoration

Very rare EM pinball in for restoration. The condition is very bad but the good news is I have a NOS playfield to swap out. Really looking forward to getting into this one.

Gusher Restoration

A hard to find 50’s EM woodrail that is quite dirty but the playfield artwork and backglass look quite good.

Close Encounters Restoration

One for my collection, have repaired and detailed the playfield and will get back to it once the others are finished.

Jacks Open Restoration

This one has an awesome backglass but some damage on the playfield otherwise should come up nice once I get to it.


Previous Restoration List

  • Sinbad
  • Solar City
  • Cleopatra
  • Big Shot
  • Big Hit
  • Charlies Angels
  • Strikes and Spares
  • Abra Ca dabra
  • Pioneer
  • King of Diamonds
  • Spin a Card
  • Drop a Card
  • El Dorado